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December 8, 2006
        Here's the downside of a webpage -- you have to spend time on it.  That's why I could never get into all the blogging nonsense.  Free time is an oxymoron.  So I've been through with my stint at Terminal Reality for some time.  Aeon Flux bombed, as expected, and the Bloodrayne movie was trash, as expected, and Spy Hunter 3... well, who knows?
        I've been at Crystal Dynamics for the past 8 months now, and it's a miraculously far cry from where I've worked in the past.  More importantly, I've been doing well here, staying on schedule, and not been lied to all the time by my superiors or treated as cannon fodder.  And while not everything has been announced yet, there's sort of been a formal statement about TR8.  Nothing more to say on that front until something is meant to be said.
        Anyway, I finally closed out the GI Tutorial, which because it's finished is now up on the tutorials page.  It's a book in itself.  Have fun.  You might notice the forums are down, if you care... Well, it's been crazy, and I haven't had the time to restore them -- I figure it's just as well if I start them all over again, assuming anybody joins.

- pkchari

August 7, 2005
        I've been medium-busy over the past few weeks since one of the current-gen console projects at work is approaching gold.  In any case, I added a code section to the site, although there's only one entry in there right now.  That will hopefully change in coming months.  I'm occasionally doing some research on the side in my spare time, so I cleaned up and commented some code from which I often branch, figuring it could come in handy for others trying to delve into the same area.  Happy coding, and to those wondering, CINAC is not dead -- it's just on the back burner.
- pkchari

May 15, 2005
        Has it really been nearly a year since my last update?  That's just plain sad.  Well, that's really my fault.  I was getting too hung up in the job-hunting, in the running around for interviews, the translating, the odd-commissions.  Plus a major *mechanical* hard drive failure lost me a few days of progress on the GI intro.  Honest!  Anyway, I've been working at my current job for the past few months, and tensions are a bit high right now because of the pressures prior to E3.  Anyway, I have internet again, so working on the site is more possible.  If you've been to our forums before, you might notice a change.  Mainly this was due to security reasons, but all our users and old data are still there.  It's scary to think how radically different the very old PS3 and Xbox2 rumors are from the range of info we know now.
- pkchari

May 25, 2004
        I'm trying...  God help me, I'm trying.  Anyway, the Global Illumination intro is taking longer than I'd initially intended.  Primarily because I've been squeezing so much in in the middle.  Anyway, it's still not really done, but I figure it's a valuable enough resource, that I should let people see it even in incomplete form.  Since it's not really complete, it's not yet listed on the tutorials page, just here.
- pkchari

January 19, 2004
        Well, a little more time to work on the site has appeared, and so one more step forward has been made to clean up and update the design.  And more importantly, we have a new article! "Weighted Color Accumulation Blending".  We haven't forgotten the content, everyone.  We're still here.
- pkchari

January 05, 2004
        Happy New Year to all our visitors.  And with the new year comes a new site design!  We're moving along...  step by step.  Tell us what you think.
- pkchari

October 2, 2003
        Yet more forum sections.  A new tutorial has been added -- Discrete Wavelet Transform.  Go to the Articles/Tutorials link on the left to take a look.
- pkchari

September 23, 2003
        More forums have been added.  Line-plane intersection tutorial has been added.  Click here to see the tutorial page.  More docs coming!
- benny

September 18, 2003
        Got the startings of our forums up.  Right now, it's just programming stuff but we're open to suggestions.  Browse around.  Click here to get there.
- benny

August 26, 2003
        The Polygoners is opened!  Welcome to www.thePolygoners.com.  This site is dedicated to programming, art, video games, and all sorts of other fun things.  We're in the process of getting set up, so please check back soon.  Plans are to include discussion forums, home-brewed games, tutorials, articles, and much more.
- benny
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